Kit Millais

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Educational resources

As part of Kit's educational outlook it is essential to provide resources for students to use to further their studies. These resources are located below and include a variety of audio, video and sheet music available to Kit's students.

For further information regarding the use of these resources contact Kit at

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Buzzing workouts

Buzzing is one of the essential techniques to build security of pitch on brass instruments. Regular practice buzzing on the mouthpiece will build security of pitch, development of lip muscles, and a greater understanding of a student's ability.

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trombone PIECES

It is wonderful for students to learn pieces that both push their technical ability, interest them and allow them to play with friends. Curated here are a selection of pieces from both the classical and contemporary repertoire that allows students to perform by themselves, with other trombone players, and with a pianist.



A strong basis of techniques will help all students perform music in whatever setting they wish. There are various ways and methods of developing musical skill on the trombone including: breathing exercises, mouthpiece buzzing, embouchure adjustments, tonguing patterns, singing exercises, and slide pattern exercises.