Kit Millais

Low Brass Performer | Teacher | Arranger

Kit Millais is a low brass performer and teacher from Melbourne, Australia. He enjoys pursuing all creative opportunities and constantly trying out new performance and teaching concepts.

He is currently involved in many ensembles performing in a wide range of styles of ensembles, varying from New Music to the Baroque and from Jazz Bands to Orchestras. 

He has formed his own big band 'The Hot Socks Big Band' and is looking forward to creating new performance experiences for people around Melbourne. Additionally he is enjoying playing with the Australian Youth Orchestra for their 2018 season being involved in both orchestra and chamber projects.   

He has undertaken many projects in and outside of his university studies. He has been involved in countless, orchestras, movie soundtracks, big bands, wind symphonies, chamber recitals, musicals, operas and educational performances. 

His love of music does not stop at performing, Kit enjoys organising performances as well. He set up and performed in an outdoor chamber concert to promote the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music in early 2017 as well as producing music videos for himself.

He is currently studying at the University of Melbourne at the Melbourne Conservatorium. 


Musician: Kit Millais

Performance: Melbourne Metropolitan Sinfonietta