Kit Millais

Performer · Band Leader · Educator

How to hold the Trombone. It is important to hold the Trombone as comfortably as possible to allow for ease of playing and reduction of tension and strain. This video is designed to give step by step instructions of a method to hold the trombone.

When we want to play lower notes on the trombone we need to loosen our lips. It is good to work through exercises that will relax our lips in to the low register. Check out these links for some more videos and information about trombone and music.
Buzzing our lips is how we produce the pitch for any brass instrument. When we begin playing trombone it is easy for our cheeks to puff out. This makes it harder to accurately play notes. Buzzing our lips can help stop this from the happening.

Breathing is essential for any brass instrument. Blowing a piece of paper can challenge us to use our air in a direct way.

The Standard of Excellence is a method book that is designed for bands. These recordings show the music alongside the trombone playing. This video playlist will be added to over time as more pieces are recorded.

When we begin playing the trombone it is important to have a full sound. We can build this sound by playing long notes. This video demonstrates the notes we usually begin with from the Standard of Excellence method book series.